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The overall mandate of the Ministry of Finance is to coordinate national development planning, mobilize and prudently manage available financial and economic resources. Further to that the Ministry is responsible for the formulation of economic and financial policies for sustainable economic development. The core functions of the Ministry fall into three main areas as follows:

  • Treasury and Budget Administration.
  • Economic Management and National Development Planning Coordination.
  • Financial Administration and Management.

As an integral part of its mandate, the major responsibilities of the Ministry are as follows:

  • Mobilize resources for economic development.
  • Improve accountability for the use of resources.
  • Facilitate improvements in project implementation and monitoring processes.
  • Ensure strict adherence to budgetary processes.
  • Facilitate the contributing role of the private sector and non – governmental organizations to the strategy of creating greater prosperity and embracing this in the development process.
  • Facilitate and support citizen economic empowerment schemes and initiatives, and
  • Facilitate involvement of Botswana in regional and global economic issues.


Posted in About MoF

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The Ministry of Finance will provide leadership on Sustainable Economic Development and Prudent Financial Management.


Posted in About MoF


The Ministry of Finance will be a Leader and Model of Excellence in Financial and Economic Management for the Prosperity of Botswana.

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