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Corporate Services

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Towards Excellence as proactive provider of Administrative support services in accordance with the Ministry Vision and the National Vision 2016.


The Corporate Services Department exists to enhance Ministry of Finance and Development Planning capacity to deliver its Mission by providing coordinated:

  • Human Resources Development, Administrative support services and advise in the areas of administration, Health and Safety, IT support, Finance and Resources Management (Financial, Human and Material).
  • Implementation of Cross-Sectoral government initiatives.
  • Timely preparation of progress reports in line with the requirements of its mandate as outlined in the Ministry’s strategic plan.


The Corporate Services Department (CSD) was established to provide support in terms of advice and assistance to staff in the other Ministry Departments so that they can perform their work more efficiently. The Department will act as single interface with external stakeholders which will improve functional and operational efficiency e.g. contract negotiations with suppliers for publishing, training services etc. The establishment of CSD was made on the premise of two fundamental principles of;

  1. Centralisation of all support activities that cut across core departments and
  2. Clustering of support activities that are related under a single unit and hence separation of distinct functions that do not require the same skills and competencies. The CSD establishment will eliminate duplication of tasks across the core departments, enabling core departments to focus on core activities and hence ensuring the optimal utilization of manpower resources. As such CSD can ascertain consistency in the quality of service delivery. CSD will be responsible to provide support services to other departments of the Ministry in the areas of:
  • Financial processing and reporting (Accounting and Procurement and Supply transaction processing)
  • Human Resources Management
  • Administration
  • Office Operations
  • Public Services Reforms
  • Wellness Issues (Health and Safety Matters)
  • Development Planning Issues
  • Information Technology
  • Corporate Communication (Information Management and dissemination)
  • MTC Secretariat (Procurement)
  • Internal Audit
  • Youth issues

The Corporate Services Department functions are as follows:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Administration
  • Information Communication and Technology
  • Strategy Management
  • Development Planning
  • Finance
  • Procurement and Supplies
  • Corporate Communication

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