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PPP Unit

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Who we are

The Government of Botswana in 2000 adopted the Privatisation Policy aimed at enhancing the role of the private sector in the economy. This Policy provided for public-private partnership (PPP) as one of the methods of enabling private sector participation in the provision of public infrastructure and related services.

In 2009, in order to create a conducive environment to encourage and attract the private sector to play a greater role in public infrastructure and services provision, the Government adopted the PPP Policy. A PPP Unit was then established in 2016 within the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development to coordinate and oversee the implementation of the Policy.

Our mandate

Our mandate is one of advocacy for and coordination of PPP projects as well as capacity building. We are also mandated to provide technical assistance to sponsoring institutions throughout all the stages of the PPP process from project conceptualization to contract management, including procurement of the private sector.

What we do

PPP Unit acts as the custodian of the PPP Policy to ensure it is successfully implemented. Specifically, we provide technical assistance, advice and guidance on PPP related matters to ministries, local authorities and parastatals in selecting, assessing and implementing PPP projects. We also support the government entities in building capacity and skills required to implement PPP projects as well as to provide advocacy, public awareness and sensitisation of the public and other stakeholders regarding the PPP Policy, processes and projects.





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