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Budget Time Table 2015/16

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  04 August 2014

Issuance of Call Circular on Indicative Ceilings to line Ministries.

 Savingram on ceilings  MFDP


 15 August 2014

Preparation and finalization of the 2014 Budget Strategy Paper.

 Budget Stragety Paper  MFDP


  15 August 2014

Priority areas submitted to PIC Force Secretariat by TWG Chairpersons

 Priorty areas  TWG Chaipersons


18 - 22 August 2014

Bilateral meetings with line ministries and parastatals to assess and agree on Parastatal baseline budget for 2015/16.

 Baseline Budget  MFDP and Line Ministries/Departments


25 -29 August 2014

 Drafting and finalization on Cabinet Memorandum on indicative and manpower and financial ceilings.

 Draft Cab Memo  MFDP


28 August 2014

Pitso schedule announced to the public.

 Circular Savingram  MFDP


29 August 2014

 (i) Permanent Secretariat MFDP to brief Performance Improvement Committee PIC on coming budget cycle.


(ii) PIC force considers priority areas by TWG chaipersons.

PIC Force Briefing


Priority areas



PIC Force Secretariat


  .  1 September 2014

 Submission of Indicative Financial and Manpower Ceilings (Rec and Dev) to Cabinet.

 Indicative Manpower ad Financial Ceilings  MFDP


10 September 2014

Updated Macroeconomic Fiscal aggregates finalized for feeding into the Budget Speech.

 Updated Macroeconomic Fiscal aggregate table  MFDP


10 September 2014

Cabinet considers Cab Memo on 2015/16 Indicative Manpower and Financial Ceilings.

 Cab Memo on 2015/2016 Indicative Manpower Financial Ceilings  Cabinet


11 September 2014

Budget Call Circular with approved ceilings sent to TWGs and ministries.

 Budget Call Circular  MFDP


18-26 September 2014

Budget Pitso/Breakfast Seminars with various stakeholders

 Budget Pitso/Breakfast Seminars  MFDP


22-26 September 2014

Ministries meeting with Transport Establishment Review Committee (TERC)



26 September 2014

 Budget/Project Review Timetable Circular issued to ministries.  Budget/project review timetable Circular  MFDP
15 06 October 2014

 (i) Submission of Ministerial Revenue and Expenditure Budget Estimates online

(ii) Project appraisals for any new projects or budget variations for on going projects.

(iii) Submission  of TWG reports supporting Budget estimates by Ministry.




TWG Report 

 Line Ministries/Departments



16 13-30 October 2014  Budget ( expenditure and review)/ Project Review meetings with Ministries.  Budget Estimates  Line Ministries/Departments
17 31  October 2014

 Estimates Committee meetngs Timetable Circular issued

 Estimates Committee meetings Timetable Circular MFDP 
18  3 November 2014  Submission of Sub Committee Reports to Estimates Committee  Reports  Chairpersons of Committees.
19  06 November 2014  Briefing Estimates Commitee on Budget proposals for 2015/16  Estimates Committee Briefing Meetings  Manpower, Project Review/ Expenditure Review, and Transport Establishment and Review Subcommittees.
20  10-14 November 2014  Estimate Committee Meetings  Meetings  Estimates Committee and Line Ministries/ Departments
21  17-20 November 2014 Drafting of Cab Memo on Budget Proposals  Cab Memo  MFDP
22  21 November 2014  Briefing of Hon Minister and Ass. Minister on budget proposals for 2015/16  Briefing  MFDP
23  24 November 2014 Cab Memo on final budget proposals submitted to cabinet  Cab. Memo  MFDP
24  03 December 2014 Cabinet considers budget proposals for 2015/2016  Budget  Cabinet
25  12 December 2014  Submission of 2015/2016 Draft Estimates of Expenditure from the Consolidated and Development Funds Books to Government printer.  Draft Estimates book  MFDP
26  15 December 2014  Submission of Draft Appropriation and Supplementary  Draft Appropriation Bills MFDP 
 27  29 December 2014  Drafts Estimates Book Tabled at Parliament  Tabling of Estimates  Hon. Minister, MFDP
 28  05 January 2015  Draft Appropriation and Supplementary Appropriation Bills Submitted to Cabinet. Draft Appropriation and Supplementary Appropriation Bills  Hon. Minister, MFDP
 29  14 January 2015  Discusssion of the Draft Appropriation and Supplementary Appropriation Bills by Cabinet.   Draft Appropriation and Supplementary Appropriation Bills  Cabinet
 30  20 January 2015  Submission of Final Draft Budget Speech to Cabinet.  Draft Budget Speech MFDP 
 31  21 January 2015  Discussion and Approval of the Final Draft Budget Speech by Cabinet.  Final Draft Budget Speech  Cabinet
 32  21 January 2015  Cabinet Approves Appropriation Bills.   Appropriation Bills  Cabinet
 33  21 January 2015  Approved Appropriation Bill submitted to Atttorney General.  Approved Appropriation Bill  MFDP
 34  30 January 2015

 Notices of Presentation of: 

(i) Appropriation Bill 

(ii) Financial Statements, Tables and Estimates of the Consolidated and Development Funds Revenues 2015/2016.

 Submission of Notices









 02 Febrary 2015



 (i) Tabling of Financial Statements Tables, and Estimates of the Consolidated and Development fund Revenues 2015/2016 

(ii) Presentation of Appropriation Bill (First Reading)

(iii) Second Reading of the Bill (Budget Speech)

 Budget Speech




 Hon, Minister MFDP




36 04 - 19 February 2015 Debate on Budget Speech (10 days, excluding clear days)  Debate on Budget Speech  Parliament
37 24 February 2015 Commmittee of Supply (18 days excluding clear days)  Committee of Supply Parliament 
38 25 March 2015 Day of Assent - Third Reading of Appropriation Bill.   Third Reading of Appropriation Bill. Hon. Minister, MFDP 
39 26 March 2015 Signing of Appropriation Act.  Appropriation Act HE, The President 
40 27 March 2015 Signing of General and Statutory Warrants.  Approved, Appropriation Bills  Hon. Minister, MFDP
41 30 March 2015 Signing of Finance Warrants.  Finance Warrants  PS, MFDP
42 31 March 2015 dispatch of Finance Warrants to Ministries 2015/2016  Finance Warrants  MFDP
43 01 april 2015 Printing of 2015/2016 Final Estimates Books  Final Estimates Books  MFDP


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