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Internal Audit

Posted in Internal Audit


The Department will be a world class internal audit service provider to the Government of Botswana.


To provide quality and professional internal audit service that adds value to the Ministries and Extra Ministerial Departments.



To exhibit the highest level of impartiality in gathering, evaluating and communicating information

Team Work

The Department believes working together towards a common goal by creating opportunities for interactions among stakeholders.



To commit to inculcating and maintaining the culture of honesty and credibility.




Internal Auditors to apply the knowledge, skills and experience needed in the performance of internal auditing services.



We respect the value and ownership of information acquired during the course of our work and do not disclose information without appropriate authority. To instill and maintain the culture of respect for information acquired during the course of our work.


To provide our customers and stakeholders with quality Internal Audit Service in a courteous and timely manner.


Employees are critical to the success of the department in the delivery of mandated services. To have respect and empathy for all employees and commit to their empowerment.


The Department subscribes to openness in communication in all its undertakings 

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