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Posted in Office of Accountant General

Payment for some services are centralised in the Accountant General’s Department and Agencies Section arranges for such payment. Agencies Section also maintains accounts for the Guardians Fund and makes payments to beneficiaries. Migrant Mine Workers are also paid by the Agencies Section. The functions of the Agencies Section are summarised in the following paragraphs:

Air and Rail Accounts
Travel warrants are issued by various Ministries to Air Botswana and Botswana Railways for provision of tickets for official journeys. Air Botswana and Botswana Railways submit invoices directly to the Agencies Section supported by copies of the travel warrants. Agencies Section arranges for the payment debiting the appropriate account under advice to the respective Ministries.

Guardians Fund
Established under section 101 of the Administration of Estates Act (Cap.31:01), the Guardians Fund provides for the administration of moneys belonging to minors, mental patients or other persons who are considered unfit to be able to look after their own affairs. The Guardians Fund is administered by the Accountant General subject to directions given by the Master of High Court. The Guardian/beneficiary approaches the Master of High Court for payment from the Guardians Fund. Based on the advice received from the Master of High Court, Agencies Section arranges for the payment.

Migrant Mineworkers
A number of Batswana seek employment in the South African Mines. Money payable to these workers by their employers under the account of Deceased Estates, Pneumoconiosis Awards, Deferred Pay, Workmen’s Compensation etc. are remitted to the Botswana Labour Representative in South Africa for onward transmission to the Accountant General for disbursement. When remitting the money, the Labour Representative provides particulars of the District, Village, Ward and Headman for each of the beneficiaries.

This information is forwarded to the District Commissioner concerned who informs the appropriate Headman who in turn informs the beneficiary. The beneficiary presents himself at the District Commissioners office producing a passport or other identity documentation. The District Commissioner thereafter sends advice to the Accountant General for payment giving full particulars of the beneficiary. The Agencies Section prepares the Payment Voucher and arranges for payment.

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