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PFM Reforms Programme

Posted in Development and budget division


The Public Finance Management Reform (PFM) Programme for Botswana is a response to the current socio-economic challenges that require prudent management of public finances. The PFM Reform agenda will transform Botswana’s public finance management systems in order to attain long-term sustainable development. The 2009 Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) assessment, financed by European Union assisted in identifying areas for reform.With a challenging fiscal environment, the Government of Botswana is committed to adopting a well coordinated and sequenced PFM reform programme. However, with the evolving nature of PFM, the Government will continually review and align the reforms with new conditions.
The PFM reform agenda will run concurrently with the implementation period of the NDP 10 and Vision 2016. The PFM reform programme will ensure the achievement of the goals as set out in NDP 10 and Vision 2016.

PFMRP Structures:

PFM Steering Committee
PFM Coordinating Committee
PFM Coordinating Unit
PFM secretariat


1. PFM Reforms Programme 2010

2. Sequenced Implementation Plan 2012

3. PFM Advisory 2015

4. EU Assessment 2016

5. Open Budget Survey 2017

6. Public Management Assessment 2017


2013: Botswana PEFA report

Contact Details:

Olesitse H. Masimega
PFM Coordinator, PFM Reforms Coordinating Unit
Ministry of Finance and Economic  Development
Private Bag 008
Office No. 001, First Floor – CSO Building
Tel: 3671319
Cell: 76062408
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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