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Overview of NDP 10

Since Independence in 1966, Botswana adopted an approach of development planning. Government has since then, produced a series of National Development Plans (NDPs) starting with Botswana’s Transitional Plan for Social and Economic Development prepared in 1965. National Development Plan 10, or NDP 10, is the tenth in the series of NDPs. National Development Plans guide the overall development of the country. NDPs contain Government strategies planned to be undertaken over the Plan period. Programmes and projects to be implemented to achieve such strategies are also included in the Plan. The Plan contains estimates of revenue expected over the entire period as well as expenditure and manpower growth projections.

The preparation of NDP 10 started in July 2007 with the preparation of the Macroeconomic Outline by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning. The process was guided by a Reference Group comprising, Government Ministries/Departments, private sector, non-governmental organisations, labour unions, academia and think tanks. One notable departure from the previous Plans is the adoption of an Integrated Results Based Management planning approach to ensure that projects and programmes for driving economic development are results oriented. In addition, Thematic Working Groups were set up as a way to bring all the development partners to discuss and consolidate contributions to the NDP 10 process.

The Macroeconomic Outline contained major issues that have come up during the implementation of NDP 9 and new challenges which ought to be taken into consideration in formulating strategies for the next Plan. This was followed by preparation of Sectoral Key Issues Papers (SKIPs) by different sectors. The Macroeconomic Outline formed the basis of the macro chapters of the Plan, while the SKIPs are the basis for the sectoral chapters. Throughout the preparation process, consultation was a key element. One of the major consultation milestones was the National Stakeholders Conference held in October 2008 to discuss the draft Plan. The draft NDP 10 has since been discussed by the Economic Committee of Cabinet and Cabinet in May and June 2009, respectively. The draft Plan will be presented to Parliament in July 2009 and will be discussed in July and August 2009.

Once NDP 10 is approved by Parliament a summary will be posted on the website and

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